Statement about the threats against the people of Iran

The participants at the 14th International Meeting of Communist and Workers’ Parties taking place on November 23rd – 25th in Beirut, Lebanon express their unwavering solidarity with the working people of Iran in their multi-faceted and complicated struggle for peace, sovereignty, democracy and social justice.



Amid the great crises in the global capitalist states, and the escalated risk of wars as means of crisis resolution, we are gravely concerned about the maneuvers of the NATO powers to instigate military interventions around the world. Following their intervention in Libya and Syria, their plans of regime change across the entire Middle East and violation of sovereignty of countries in the region is of serious concern. The risks and dangers of sanctions and interventions, militaristically or otherwise, heightened imperialist attempts for political and economical hegemony over this strategic region, promotion of Islamic fundamentalism, terrorism, threats to the sovereignty of nations, and the erosion of the human and democratic rights of the people are all present more than ever.

The recent escalation of tensions in relation with Iran following Israel’s threats, including Netanyahu’s speech at the UN General Assembly, and Iran’s reckless gestures, the negative reports of International Atomic Energy Agency on Iran’s nuclear program, the new series of extended punitive economic and financial sanctions imposed by the US and EU, and ceasing of diplomatic relations by Canada and the UK with Iran raise serious concerns about the future developments in relation with Iran.

Therefore, we, the undersigned communist and workers’ parties, once again reiterate our opposition to and condemnation of all foreign interventions and sanctions against Iran from which, first and foremost, the working people have been suffering and will suffer. We believe that it is the sole right of the Iranian people themselves to freely determine the direction of future developments in their country for peace, democracy, social justice and decent life. Tensions over Iran’s nuclear program, sanctions, and threats of external imperialist intervention reinforce the position of the reactionary forces in Iran’s ruling class against the national interests and basic rights of the people of Iran.

Once again we express our solidarity with and support for the struggle of the working people and working class of Iran, and its political party Tudeh Party of Iran for peace and democracy and social justice.n

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