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Tudeh News 282

* On the 25th Anniversary of the “National Catastrophe”, the Massacre of Political Prisoners in Iran
* Excerpts from the Intervention by Tudeh Party of Iran At the Meeting of the Communist and Workers Parties of the Middle East Region 19 June 2013, Athens, Greece
* Recent Presidential Election in Iran Excerpts from interview with comrade Mohamad Omidvar, spokesperson of Tudeh Party of Iran, by Akhbar-Rooz, Iranian online political/News outlet
* The Urgent Tasks and Objectives of the Labour/Union Movement at the Current Stage
* News Briefs
* Joint Statement of the Regional Meeting of the Communist and Workers’ Parties
* Statement of the Central Committee of Tudeh Party of Iran: WE CONDEMN THE THREAT OF A NEW WAR IN THE MIDDLE EAST
* Excerpts from Statement of C.C. of Tudeh Party of Iran: 60 YEARS AFTER THE INFAMOUS COUP AGAINST POPULAR MOVEMENT IN IRAN


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