Tudeh Party of Iran condemns attempts to stage a coup d’état in Venezuela

Tudeh Party of Iran joins other progressive political forces around the world in condemning the violence perpetuated by a small sector of the right-wing “opposition” across Venezuela, in an attempt to destabilize the county and prepare the ground for the type of coup carried out against President Hugo Chavez in April 2002.

These actions are instigated by a minority of the Venezuelan opposition, maintained by the U.S. and other reactionary forces, to undermine the democratically elected government and democratic institutions of Venezuela.
The right-wing opposition, while controlling about the 90% of media- print, radio and TV- in Venezuela, claims that there is no “democracy” and “freedom of speech” in the country! While public social services have been extended and made available to a majority of Venezuelans, right-wing opposition uses its leverage in foreign trade- instead of investing in national production- to keep the prices of imports, including basic consumer goods, high, which puts a heavy burden on the shoulder of working people.
Having been defeated in democratically held elections at all government levels, right-wing “opposition” is now resorting to violence to undermine the Bolivarian government. The US administration, the ally of Venezuelan right-wing bourgeoisie is also offering its “tested” destabilizing techniques in countries like Iran in 1950’s and Chile in 1970’s that led to August 1953 coup and September 1973 coup against the democratically elected governments of Dr. Mossadeq and Salvador Allende, respectively.
Tudeh Party of Iran expresses its solidarity with the struggle of the working people of Venezuela to advance and deepen the progressive reforms in that country, led by the Bolivarian government of Venezuela.
Tudeh Party of Iran stands by the popular forces of Venezuela, and particularly the Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV), and expresses it solidarity with them in their struggle to maintain and advance social justice and democracy in that nation.
Tudeh Party of Iran condemns attempted coup d’état in Venezuela by the right-wing “opposition” supported by imperialist powers.
Tudeh Party of Iran                                                                                                     
25th  February 2014

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