Holding the 2nd Plenum of the Central Committee

Dear comrades,

The 2nd plenary meeting of the central committee of the Tudeh Party of Iran after the 6th congress was held in November 2014. The meeting began by signing the party’s anthem and observing a moment of silence in the honor, and to remember, all those who lost their lives in the struggle for freedom and social justice.


The meeting then resumed its session with reviewing the politburo report about the latest developments in Iran and in the world. After hearing the report and discussing about the analyses and views presented in the politburo report, and after deliberations about proposed changes and improvements, the plenum unanimously approved the final report.
The agenda of the second part of the plenary session was to review the reports by various departments and commissions of the central committee. After debates and discussions about the presented reports, and thanking the invaluable work done by a large group of party comrades in expanding the partisan activities and improving the quality of partisan work in various areas such as women, workers and the publication of the central organ of the party [Nameh Mardom], the members of the central committee issued essential guidelines and directives for advancing the party activities.
Also, the plenum made key decisions about expanding party’s promotional and publicity activities, and more extensive use of existing technological means, expanding the activities of the women’s committee, particularly in facilitating the international solidarity with women’s movement in Iran, expanding the activities of workers’ committee of the party and assisting the struggle of the working class of the nation, and also drawing international solidarity to the struggle of the students and the people of Iran. Furthermore, the 2nd plenary session tasked the politburo with redoubling and expanding its efforts in exchanging ideas with Iranian progressive and freedom-loving organizations, parties and forces, and report back its progress to the next plenary meeting of the central committee.
At the end of the meeting, plenum elected the members of the politburo.

The Secretariat of the C.C. of Tudeh Party of Iran
November 2014

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