Tudeh Party of Iran condemns continued repression and calls for an immediate end to regime of censorship and repression in Sudan!

Free all political prisoners in Sudan!

The Tudeh Party of Iran is appalled to learn of the continued wave of repression targeting progressive and democratic forces in Sudan and in particular leaders, cadres and activists of the Sudanese Communist Party. 


We are particularly concerned about the systematic pressure applied by the security forces of the dictatorial regime in Khartoum on Al-Midan, the newspaper of the Sudanese Communist Party.  According to the press statement published by the Sudanese CP, since 1st January three issues of Al-Midan were confiscated, after printing, by the security forces.  Al-Midan editors are also being harassed by the security forces.
Tudeh Party of Iran strongly condemns the repressive measures employed by the Sudanese reactionary government against the Sudanese Communist Party, Al-Midan and its allies in the wider democratic and progressive forces in Sudan. 
We consider the repressive measures adopted by the dictatorial regime in Sudan and the heightening of repression is aimed at particularly silencing the opposition and stifling its onward march to provide united leadership and focus to the national uprising of the Sudanese people.  The regime is desperately attempting to stop, reverse and defeat the national popular movement for democracy in Sudan for bringing to an end the disastrous rule of the dictatorial Islamic headed by Omar alBashir that has been gaining momentum in recent months and.
Tudeh Party of Iran resolutely condemns the repressive policies of the dictatorial regime in Sudan and wholeheartedly support the movement for peace, human and democratic rights, and social justice in Sudan.  The TPI adds its voice to those of Sudanese democrats and progressive forces and others internationally calling for an end to terror and repressive measures against the opposition in Sudan. 

Tudeh Party of Iran calls for immediate end to all restrictions placed on Al-Midan newspaper and for the continued publication of this voice of the Sudanese working class and dispossessed. 

We express our full and continued solidarity with the struggle of the Sudanese Communist Party and its allies for peace, human and democratic rights, social justice and national liberation.

The Central Committee of the Tudeh Party of Iran
8th January  2015

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