From “Nameh Mardom”, Central Organ of the Tudeh Party of Iran No. 978, July 27, 2015

The disastrous and humiliating failure of one decade of irrational policies of the Supreme Leader of Iran in creating tensions in the region and wasting hundreds of billions of dollars of the national wealth in nuclear “enrichment” program, and rhetoric like “the resolution of the Security Council is blessing” for us, and also devastating policies such as “resistance economy” which led to the destruction of the nation’s infrastructure, grave impoverishment and destitution of tens of millions of Iranian people while the heads of the regime and the Guard Corps and their inner circle got richer and richer, will undoubtedly have dire consequences for the leaders of the regime and the future of the dictatorship rule which will be worrisome for  the ruling dark-minded regime in Iran.

In an attempt to save his face, Ali Khamenei [the Supreme Leader] in his recent speech before the university students on July 11th repeated a bunch of empty rhetoric which not only the students, but also a vast majority of the current authorities of Iranian regime and international politicians do not believe… In order to hide the shameful defeat of the regime in dealing with the US and the EU and its capitulation to all the demands of the other parties in the negotiations, Ali Khamenei emphasized that “fighting with the empire” still continues. He then explained the ideals of the theocratic regime which was noteworthy. He said: “What are the ideals? Among what I have written down here [in my notes] as ideals, one is to create an Islamic society and an Islamic civilization; i.e. to revitalize the notion of political Islam. Since a few centuries ago, some people tried, as much as they could, to sway Islam away from life, from politics, and from the management of the society.” The notion of the “Political Islam” that Iran’s leader highlights as one of the fundamental ideals of the regime actually means the establishment of an “Islamic Caliphate”, examples of which we have seen in recent decades in our own country and also in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. Among the characteristics of this ideal regime is to establish a regime based on the medieval decrees, unprecedented inhumane violence, torture, beheading innocent people, terrorism and warmongering, abusing and assaulting women, and suppressing any kind of dissent and freedom-seeking beyond the narrow views of the leaders of the Islamic regime. The extent of political bankruptcy and deadlock of such views and opinions of the leader of the regime and his cohorts is such that a vast majority of high ranking religious leaders of Iran and the region have detached themselves from these views and deemed such actions completely un-Islamic. Detention, imprisonment and torturing of some Islamic leaders under the current Supreme Leadership regime has gone even beyond such crimes during the police regime of Shah and has encroached on any religious leader who is not willing to submit to the rhetoric of the regime leadership.
In another part of his speech, Khamenei admitted his fear and his cohorts’ fear of the resurgence of Marxist ideas and views in Iran and said: “I have heard that in our universities some are again talking about Marxism, but I have to say that this is blowing on a dead fire; they are wasting their time; it is pointless. With all those assertions and hubbub and victimizing people, etc., the world communist regimes led to nothing after 60-70 years but shame and disgrace; i.e. it became clear that their slogans were lies; their inefficiency and inability was proven. Therefore, that [idea and regime] will not return.”
Khamenei and the regime leaders know well that the resurgence of Marxist ideas has undeniable and clear relation to the life and struggles of the Tudeh Party of Iran, and that’s why in his speech he confronts our party in order to discredit it. He added: “Those who were members of the Tudeh Party and had endured 20 years in prison later came to the state TV and without any pressure or coercion wrote “remorse letters” and read them; you may not remember this. This happened in 1980’s. A dozen of Tudeh members came to the TV station of Islamic Republic- I was the President at the time. I was stunned. We, the high ranking and active authorities of the country were shocked as how they came about to do so… We knew a few of them closely. Some of them were in prison with us… Their pretensions were boundless. They came in and sat on the chairs in one row. One of their own as the moderator started asking the others questions about the cases that proved the treason of the Tudeh Party in Iran… Whenever one of them was hesitating to talk, the moderator- because he was one of them- would say to that person that at that time you did such and such; you said this and that. Then that person had no choice but to talk and say “yes, I said that”. I want to say that it was not us who wanted to make them confess; their own people made them confess.”
…Khamenei’s recent sermon cannot be accidental. Lying of the leader of the theocratic regime of Iran who claims to be a religious and divine person cannot be because of his ignorance and lack of information about the outrageous and horrible events in the prisons of Iran under his watch. Deceitful stance of the regime leader means only one thing: ideological deadlock and bankruptcy of the “Political Islam” that is his and his cohorts’ ideal, and the attempts that are made to discredit the dissidents and political opposition…
Morteza Kazemiyan, one of the prominent figures of the reform movement in Iran, in response to the above rhetoric of the regime leader writes: “Aside from the judgment about the track record of the Tudeh Party and the actions of its leaders, what is notable here is Ayatollah Khamenei’s reference to writing “remorse letters” and “confessions without any pressure or duress” on the leaders of the Tudeh Party. Much can be said about this, but to cite just one important evidence, the historic letter of Noureddin Kianouri to the leader of Islamic Republic [Khomeini at the time] in January of 1990 can be mentioned. In this detailed letter, the first person of the Tudeh Party describes in depth the tortures committed on him and his fellow partisans. Some of the violent acts that have been described in that document include: whipping with plastic tube which led to open wounds at the sole of the feet; shackling hands behind the back and suspending the person from the shackle for 8-10 hours, 18 nights in a row; lashing and verbal abuse; suspending the person from ceiling; mental and psychological torture such as lashing spouse and daughter in front of him.
In his extraordinary and long letter to the highest ranking authority of the regime,  Kianouri describes the illegal and inhumane pressures that was put on him and his wife (at the age of 70) and also on his fellow partisans and emphasizes that: “I swear to my human conscience that not one word of what I write here is false and untruthful.” And now, a quarter of century after that bitter letter, Ayatollah Khamenei talks about “confessions without pressure and duress” of the leader of the Tudeh Party…”
In addition to this, in previous issues of Nameh Mardom we mentioned the letter that our comrade Doctor Ahmad Danesh, then a member of the Central Committee, wrote to Ayatollah Montazeri [then the successor-to-be of Khomeini] about the inhumane treatment of the prisoners by the regime criminals… The report of Mr. Galindo Pohl, the UN Special Rapporteur on human rights in Iran,  who visited Iran in early 1990 after the National Catastrophe [1988] and killing of thousands of political prisoners, including hundreds of leaders and member and supporters of our Party, is another piece of evidence. He wrote about his visit to the notorious Evin prison: “Three Tudeh members were in one cell: Mr. Kianouri, the ex-General Secretary of the Party, one of high ranking cadres and an ordinary member. Only Mr. Kianouri agreed to have his name mentioned in the report. He adamantly denied that he has been a spy of a foreign power and intended to topple the revolution government. He stressed in front of the prison authorities and staff that he was tortured. He showed his semi-paralyzed arm and broken fingers and spoke of other methods of abuse.”
…What Ali Khamenei should be held responsible for today is the consequences of the disastrous policies that the leadership of the theocratic regime has imposed on the nation in recent decades. Disgrace and theoretical bankruptcy of “Political Islam” that Khamenei is trying to revive has been proven to the people of Iran and region. Contrary to the claims of Khamenei that Marxism is being revived with the American money, it is the supporters and promoters of the “Political Islam” such as ISIS and others that are continuing their criminal acts in the region with the financial support of Saudi Arabia, reactionary forces in the region, and CIA

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