Statement of the Central Committee of the Tudeh Party of Iran: Donald Trump’s speech at the UN General Assembly poses a serious threat to global peace

The Tudeh Party of Iran believes that global peace hinges on the efforts of all peace-loving and progressive forces across the world to work for the resolution of all conflicts and disputes through negotiation and within the framework of the UN Charter.

 The first speech of US President Donald Trump at the UN General Assembly on Tuesday September 19, 2017, exhibited to the world’s public the deeply reactionary, interventionist, and warmongering nature of the US administration, and the grave risks that thus threaten world peace.

 Donald Trump’s speech on the first day of the UN General Assembly – after the opening address of António Guterres, the UN Secretary General – unprecedentedly consisted not only of a threat to “totally destroy” another member state, but also threats and hostile positions towards countries that support other ideological systems and, as such, exposed the inherent disbelief of Trump and his administration in the fundamental principles of the UN Charter, representing a clear threat against the sovereignty of countries across the globe. In his speech, Trump directly and bleakly attacked the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and threatened to “totally destroy” that nation and in fact targeted and threatened all countries in the world that do not accept the political, military, and economic dominance of the US. The threatening words of Trump against Cuba and Venezuela reflect the reactionary position and ideological aggression of the leaders of US Imperialism on the rights of nations, as well as the serious threat they pose to humanity.

 Using unconventional, abusive and threatening language in his speech at the UN GA, the US President referred to Iran as a “rogue” state and called on the international community to confront the “destabilizing activities of the murderous regime” of Iran. Of course, Trump tried to portray himself as a friend and well-wisher of the Iranian people and stated that the “Iranian government masks a corrupt dictatorship behind the false guise of a democracy.” He practically called upon other countries to join the crusade of regime change in Iran. What revealed the true nature of Trump’s remarks and the reality of his commitment to peace and fight against terrorism, was his support for the warmongering and oppressive regimes of Israel and Saudi Arabia and other reactionary Arab states that are among the main supporters of Daesh and terrorism in the region and who have been condemned several times by the UN for committing war crimes – these are the countries that are friends of the US. Trump’s remarks about the dangerous situation in the Middle East was a repeat of the same accusations that he had made during his visit to Saudi Arabia and his meeting and talks with the reactionary leaders of the Arab nations gathered for a summit in Riyadh. It is important to note that the core people in the Trump administration, and his backers in the Republican Party of the United States, have been negotiating and exchanging ideas in recent months with Iranian pro-monarchist groups and other reactionary forces that support and call for a US military attack on Iran under the pretext of “regime change” there.

 In his speech, Donald Trump also clearly voiced the opposition of his administration with the JCPOA, stating : “Frankly, that deal is an embarrassment to the United States”, and elsewhere in talking about the nuclear deal between Iran and 5+1 world powers – which he called a “bad deal” – he stressed that “We can no longer be taken advantage of or enter into a one-sided deal where the United States gets nothing in return […] We cannot let a murderous regime continue these destabilizing activities while building dangerous missiles, and we cannot abide by an agreement if it provides cover for the eventual construction of a nuclear program.”

 In fact, the US administration knows well that withdrawing from the JCPOA when the EU, China, Russia, and the UN have also co-signed it, will not be simple for the Trump government. Therefore, the diplomatic efforts of the US administration and the trips of Rex Tillerson, the US Secretary of State, to the European capitals in recent weeks for consultations and canvassing support for the US position, have been noteworthy. Considering the various remarks and comments in recent weeks about the possible approaches of the US towards Iran, and the US options in dealing with the ruling regime of Iran, it is not surprising to see a commotion among the adventurist and irresponsible circles in Iran. Remarks like “Any military attack on Iran by Israel would result in the main Israeli cities being razed to the ground” or suggestions that if the JCPOA is negated Iran could return to the pre-agreement enrichment levels within a few days, should be deemed as deeply irresponsible and adventurist views and positions.

 Once again, the Tudeh Party of Iran stresses that it is strongly opposed to any foreign intervention in Iran’s domestic matters. Rejecting the anti-people theocratic regime of Iran and establishing the rule of the people and democracy, and realizing democratic rights and freedoms and social justice in Iran, is possible solely through the struggle of the Iranian people and the progressive and freedom-loving forces of the nation. The interventionist remarks of Donald Trump not only fail to help the struggle of the Iranian people for a popular regime, but also serve as a weapon in the hands of the ruling reaction and the dictatorial regime in Iran to suppress the struggle of the people and the progressive, freedom-loving, and reformist forces in Iran.

 The Tudeh Party of Iran expresses its deepest concerns about the current political developments that could put our country in a threatened situation, endanger its stability and national sovereignty, and exacerbate the woeful economic situation and livelihood of the nation and the working people. We call upon all peace-loving forces of the world, the World Peace Council, and all sovereign states to clearly express their opposition to the disastrous approach of the US administration headed by Donald Trump with regards to Iran and other countries of the world. We believe that all disagreements and disputes between the countries and states around the world can be resolved peacefully and through mutual respect for national sovereignty and independence. We call upon all the patriotic and peace-loving forces in Iran to fight united, hand-in-hand against war and foreign intervention, and steadfastly oppose the plots of the adventurist and warmongering circles within the theocratic regime in Iran.


The Central Committee of the Tudeh Party of Iran

19 September 2017

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