Statement of the Central Committee of the Tudeh Party of Iran: We stand in solidarity with the struggle of the Sudanese people for peace, human and democratic rights, and social justice. People are resolute in bringing to an end the dictatorship of Omar

The Tudeh Party of Iran has been closely following the developments in Sudan since 19th December when the popular struggle against the dictatorial regime of Omar al-Bashir entered a new phase.

During the past three weeks masses of people in every part of the country have taken to the street to protest against the government economic policies, repression, corruption and the decision to increase the price of bread, Al-Bashir’s government has responded with deploying its entire Security Forces including police and special forces to break the nationwide protests.   Human Rights organisations have accused Al-Bashir public speeches appeared to justify violence rather than discourage it.    

Al-Bashir government has admitted that the security forces have resorted to the use of fire arms and live ammunition in confronting the unarmed as per policy.  There are at least 40 demonstrators who have been killed as a result.  According the news two hundred unarmed protesters have been wounded and thousands been arrested. 

The Tudeh Party of Iran  strongly condemns the brutality of the security forces attacking the peaceful protest demonstration, and using live ammunition, which has resulted in scores of deaths and hundreds of people injured.  

The Tudeh Party of Iran also strongly condemns the raiding of the headquarters of the Sudanese Communist Party and arrest of a number of cadres and leaders of the party that is playing a central role in the National Forces for Consensus, the opposition alliance leading and coordinating the protest movement. 

The Tudeh Party of Iran calls for an immediate end to the killing and brutality by the regime’s security and police forces. The regime has to call all its security and police forces back to their bases and issue an absolute no-shoot order to all forces under its command.

We also call for the immediate release of all those arrested during the recent demonstrations as well as all other political prisoners including comrades Masoud Ali, Hanadi Fadl, Tariq abdul-Majeed, and Dr Sied Ahmed Alkhateeb and Dr Amal Gaberalla, all members of the Central Committee of the Sudanese CP.

We stand resolutely in solidarity with the working people of Sudan, all progressive forces and, in particular, the fraternal Sudanese Communist Party.

–        Down with the dictatorial Al Bashir regime in Sudan

–        Long Live the struggle of the people of Sudan for peace, human and democratic rights and social justice.

–        Long live International solidarity


The Central Committee of the Tudeh Party of Iran

4 January 2019

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