Tudeh Party of Iran Salutes the Cuban Revolution on its 60th Anniversary

Dear Comrade Raul Castro, First Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba

On the momentous occasion of the 60th Anniversary of the victory of the Cuban Revolution, the Central Committee of the Tudeh Party of Iran would like to convey the fraternal message of all the members and supporters of our Party, and indeed the progressive forces and the people of Iran, through you to the people of Cuba and their Communist Party.

The 1st of January 2019 signifies the 60th anniversary of the overthrow of Batista’s dictatorship, the end to the US-domination, and the beginning of the construction of a socialist future for the people of Cuba.  The process of transforming Cuba into a truly free, independent, and socialist state has been a intricate and challenging endeavour, testing the revolutionary resolve and determination of the Cuban people and the revolution leaders.  We are aware that your struggle in constructing a new and socialist Cuba has been carried out against the backdrop of six decades of hostility- including sanctions and blockades, invasions, and subversive activities- organised, financed, initiated, and undertaken by imperialism and the reactionary forces led by the successive US administrations up until today. 

We would like to express our internationalist solidarity with the people, communist party, and government of Cuba in their exemplary efforts to build a new and just society in the face of the unprecedented hostility shown by successive US administrations and their reactionary allies towards the socialist island. We fully understand the crippling effect of economic sanctions and blockade, also imposed by the US on Iran. We strongly oppose and condemn any and all such sanctions, particularly the blockade of Cuba, and have always called for its ending and the normalization of relations between all nations.

Despite the harshest blockade imposed on the revolutionary Cuba by the US imperialism for nearly 60 years, your achievements in health, education, cultural, and scientific advancement, social cohesion, social justice, protection of the environment, promotion of peace and internationalism, and the improvement in the position of women, youth, and the elderly, without any discrimination whatsoever, are evident and manifest to such a degree that are even readily acknowledged by the adversaries of the Cuban Revolution.

The record of the achievements of the Cuban comrades also includes important chapters in the translating of international solidarity into real action. Whether in Africa, Asia, or Latin America, the revolutionary Cuban government under the leadership of the Communist Party demonstrated the finest interpretation of international solidarity through the implementation of policies and undertaking of practices that transformed lives, built communities and championed the cause of peace.  The Tudeh Party of Iran celebrates the integrity of your internationalist solidarity in advocating peace and progress around the world.

Here, we are duty bound to pay homage to the great leaders of the Cuban Revolution, Comrades Fidel Castro, Ernesto Che Guevara, Raul Castro, and others who played an instrumental role in leading the revolution to success and have championed the cause of socialism in steering the construction of the new Cuba.  It is no accident that these legendary leaders are celebrated across the world by those fighting for progressive change and championing the cause of peace, social justice, peoples’ democracy, and socialism.    

What the Cuban people, led by the Communist Party of Cuba, have achieved through these six decades of struggle serve as important lessons for those nations waging struggle in similar conditions to those of 1950’s Cuba for winning freedom, independence, and popular sovereignty.

Dear Comrade,

The Tudeh Party of Iran is proud to have stood steadfastly as the consistent and firm supporter of the Cuban Revolution and the heroism of the Cuban people in their continued efforts to construct a socialist society, led by the Communist Party of Cuba, in the past six decades.  We know that we speak for the Iranian working class and all progressive forces in our country when we state that to support the work of the Cuban Communist Party in advancing the construction of socialism is to serve the campaign of peace and progress internationally.

The Tudeh Party of Iran is committed to developing and expanding its fraternal relations with the Communist Party of Cuba.

Central Committee of the Tudeh Party of Iran

January 2019    



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