Tudeh Party of Iran strongly condemns Turkey’s invasion of Syria

According to the news agency reports, on Thursday October 10, 2019, the Turkish military forces invaded the Syrian territory in a military campaign in the north of that country. Donald Trump, the US president, announced four days earlier on Sunday October 6 that the American forces are leaving the northern territory of Syria. It was also reported in the media that Trump had shown a green light in his telephone conversation with Erdogan to attack northern Syria.

In a statement published on October 9, the Turkish Communist Party stated: “The Justice and Development Party has been committing a great crime for the last eight years, and it disregards the sovereignty of another country. About eight years ago, anti-government demonstrations commenced in Syria. These demonstrations soon turned into an armed uprising and clashes in certain cities. Then together with the involvement of foreign forces, the civil war and the occupation of imperialist powers led by the US started. “

International organizations and human rights defenders pointed out the dire consequences of the current military invasion of Turkey in Syria, stating that this military operation has so far led to the displacement of tens of thousands of Syrian people, and if this operation continues, the number of displaced people could increase up to 300 thousand. Also, according to other reports from the news agencies across the world, this operation has already led to tens of deaths and numerous injuries.

On Thursday October 10, the United Nations’ Security Council held a special meeting to discuss the Turkish invasion of the northeast of Syria. However, the final statement of the meeting was not approved by all the members of the Security Council. The statement which was drafted by Germany, England, Belgium, France, and Poland- five European members of the Security Council, was faced with opposition from the U.S. and Russia.

The Turkish government claims that its attack is meant to establish a “safe zone” within 30  kilometers from the Syrian border inside the country, and aims to force the Kurdish forces that the government of Erdogan calls them “terrorist group” out of the area, and resettle millions of Syrian immigrants that currently reside along the borders of Turkey and Syria, in the new “safe zone”. It should be noted that in the same region of the Syrian soil, which is subjected to the aggression of Turkey, thousands of ISIS forces are also imprisoned. The Turkish military offensive could lead to the release of these detainees as well. The Kurdish forces in the northern Syria have declared the U.S. withdrawal from Syria “selling Kurds” to Turkey and “trampling of the U.S. agreement in support of Kurds.”

The Tudeh Party of Iran strongly condemns the criminal aggression of the Turkish government on the soil of Syria and believes that this situation can lead to a large human catastrophe and will pose new challenges to the peace process in Syria, which based on Antonio Guterres’ statement, the Secretary-General of the UN, on September 23, had reached the final stages of agreement  and determining the commission to draft the new Constitution of the country.

The policies of global imperialism led by the United States has led in the recent decades to catastrophic military conflicts in the Middle East, the death and injury of hundreds of thousands of human beings, and the forced emigration and migration of millions from the homeland and their home. The notion that the United States and its allies are advocating for the interests of the Kurdish people or other peoples in the region is not only a mirage but also belief in it has been a disaster for the Kurdish forces in the region. Being dependent on the destructive policies of the U.S. and allies in the region does not and will not have any result but the tragedy we are seeing today.

The Tudeh Party of Iran call upon all the world’s progressive and freedom-loving forces to raise their voice in harmony to protest Turkey’s blatant aggression on Syria. The fate of the Syrian people and all the peoples living there shall only be determined by all the Syrian people without foreign destructive interference. The Syrian people’s access to peace and tranquility will only be possible through the withdrawal of all the imperialist forces and their regional reactionary allies.

Tudeh Party of Iran




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