The Tudeh Party of Iran: The Theocratic regime means the rule of thugs and plunderers over our country and people, It must be resisted!

Dear Compatriots, 

Ali Khamenei – the Supreme Leader of the despotic regime – while confirming [in a speech] that the rise in the price of petrol, like all other key economic-political decisions, has taken place with his agreement, has denounced as “villains” those people that have had enough of tyranny and deprivation under “Islamic rule” and has in effect ordered a bloody crackdown on the popular protests.  Following Khamenei’s speech, the so-called “Reformers” in the Parliament immediately withdrew their emergency bill that had demanded petrol prices be returned to their previous level. 

In today’s [parliamentary] session, the Speaker of the Parliament, Ali Larijani,  addressing Khamenei’s speech, said, “After hearing [his] profound” speech [it is essential that members of parliament] follow the direction outlined and seriously pursue the concerns over the economic problems.”   Subsequent to Khamenei’s speech yesterday, Ibrahim Raisi, the notorious criminal now heading the regime’s judiciary, also made a statement demanding that all prosecutors across the country “Collaborate with the police and security forces to enforce the law by decisively targeting the thugs, those affiliated with counter-revolutionary streams and the infiltrators who have targeted the security of the people and society with their subversive acts.” The Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) has threatened the protestors and working people and declared that it will deal decisively with any “disturbance”.

As per its usual approach, in order to implement its plan for a bloody and widespread crackdown on the popular protests, the regime has shut down the [main] means of communication, – including the internet and a large part of the country’s mobile-phone network – and has severely disrupted all forms of public transport, including the Metro lines in Tehran and Isfahan.  Several schools and universities have been shut down in various cities and, according to the latest reports, more than 1,000 protesters have been detained with hundreds injured and dozens killed in violent and repressive [counter-]operations.  Despite all this repression, the popular protests continue in Tehran, Tabriz, Isfahan, Shiraz, Yazd, Sari as well as most cities in the provinces of Kurdistan and Khuzestan.

The manner with which the regime and its leaders have responded to the people’s [legitimate and] righteous protests against the destructive and anti-national policies of the government, show once again that one cannot expect anything other than repression, trampling upon the people’s rights, and tyranny from the despotic regime.  What now prevails in our homeland is the rule of the dark-minded, who have no intention of pursuing the national interest and the will of the people, and whose main concern is the survival and continuance of their despotic and oppressive rule at any cost.

Historical experience and the evidence from the struggle of the peoples of the region have shown that it is only by persevering the united and coherent struggle of the people [along the path of radical change] that tyrannical rule can be seriously challenged and pushed back step-by-step.  It is the duty of all progressive and freedom-seeking forces to support this popular uprising under the current critical circumstances.

The Tudeh Party of Iran, while condemning the brutal and bloody crackdown on the righteous and oppressed people of our homeland, once again calls upon all progressive Iranian forces to defend the people’s struggle with all their might.  We also call on all progressive and freedom-seeking forces around the world to express their solidarity with the struggle of the Iranian people and raise their voices against the [savage] repression [being meted out by] the regime.

The Tudeh Party of Iran

18 November 2019

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