Statement of the Tudeh Party of Iran: Greetings to the militant students, youth, and people of Iran, who are courageously standing against the enforcers of tyranny!

In response to the righteous protests of the people – who are frustrated with the oppression, injustice, deprivation and the incompetence of a bunch that is the lot of the dark-minded and their liar leaders – the anti-people Velayat-e Faqih (Supreme Leadership) regime [governing] Iran once again dispatched its well-armed thugs to suppress the protests and open fire on our open-minded and noble compatriots, and through this age-old barbaric method of theirs, perhaps prolong the survival of their shameful regime.

Following the [eventual] disclosure of the cause of the downing of the Ukrainian passenger airliner as having been shot down by the IRGC’s air defense system, along with the fact that for three consecutive days the regime’s spokesmen and mouthpieces denied this fact and told all kinds of lies and excuses about it in an attempt to hide the reality from the people, the ensuing protest movement of university students, youth and the brave people of our homeland over recent days has [once more] shown that in spite of the bloody repression of popular protests in November – with the killing of hundreds and injuring several thousand people and the arrest of thousands more, the exact numbers and fate of whom still remain undisclosed – the flames of popular protests cannot be put out, and that with every new catastrophe and even the smallest spark, they will flare up again.

The protest action of the [country’s] artists, with the announcement that they will not participate in the upcoming events and festivals, as well as the protest of academics and athletes of the country alongside the popular protests, are positive signs of the compassion and solidarity between various social strata in the joint struggle occurring today in our homeland. According to the latest reports, the regime’s brutal enforcers have begun an extensive campaign to arrest and detain social and civic activists. This was evidenced late this evening when they raided the residence of Mr. Mehdi Karroubi’s family so as to arrest his son.

The Tudeh Party of Iran denounces the brutal repression of the protesting people and students by the enforcers of the regime’s tyranny, and believes that only through a joint and coordinated struggle of all social forces and strata, crippling the functions of the regime’s ruling apparatus, can the theocratic regime [of Iran] be seriously challenged and forced to accept the [legitimate] demands of the popular movement. We reiterate:  The theocratic regime [of Iran] is in a deadlock and [the Supreme Leader] Khamenei is neither qualified nor competent to lead the country. All efforts must be focussed towards the complete removal of the theocratic regime from the political structure of our homeland.

In harmony with the popular slogans, we call for putting an end to dictatorship and the rule of lies and oppression. The Tudeh Party sympathisers in Iran and around the world are fighting among and alongside the people for the liberation of Iran from the yoke of dictatorship.

–          Passionate greetings to the militant students and people of Iran who are courageously standing against the enforcers of tyranny!


–          Forward to the cooperation and united action of all progressive, freedom-loving and democratic forces for the elimination of the anti-people theocratic regime of Velayat-e Faqih!

Tudeh Party of Party

13th January 2020


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