The Tudeh Party of Iran: Warning about the intensification and expansion of the security operations of the Iranian regime’s intelligence services abroad

The execution of Ruhollah Zam, who was kidnapped from Iraq by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) intelligence apparatus and taken to Iran in collaboration with Iraqi security forces, along with numerous news reports about the expansion of the regime’s professional assassins’ operations outside of Iran’s borders, have sparked a wave of concern and international condemnation of the theocratic regime of Iran. Mehdi Alamolhoda, [Supreme Religious Leader] Khamenei’s representative in Mashhad, in brazen remarks supporting the inhumane actions of the regime’s intelligence apparatus, said: “[Could not] the soldiers of Imam Zaman [the hidden twelfth Imam in Shia Islam] who arrested them [the dissidents] near the country, have [instead] killed them in a blind assassination where they arrested them?!”
In recent days, the Cumhuriyet [Republic] and Daily Sabah newspapers in Turkey reported the arrest of 13 people involved in the murder and kidnapping of opponents of the theocratic regime of Iran in Turkey. These men were members of an Iranian spy network in Istanbul and were detained by Turkey’s security agency, the Daily Sabah wrote. Turkey’s state broadcaster T.R.T. also reported about the operations of the Turkish intelligence agency against the gang of Naji Sharif Zindashti, a drug lord and IRGC intelligence mercenary. According to the same reports, the gang abducted Habib Asiud from Istanbul in its latest operation and arranged his transfer to Iran. Asiud, who has been living as an immigrant in Sweden for 14 years, disappeared after arriving in Turkey. According to the same reports, evidence suggests that Asiud was tricked and trapped by Zindashti, who works for and is under the supervision of Iran’s intelligence apparatus, in collaboration with a woman named Saberin [Saeedi]. Zindashti [had been previously] arrested and sentenced to death in 2007 on drug trafficking charges in Iran, but was [bizarrely] released from prison and left for Turkey for reasons that were “unknown” at the time. The Washington Post also reported on Zindashti’s role in the kidnapping and murder of opponents of the Iranian regime in Turkey, including such names as Massoud Molavi Verdanjani and Habib Asiud. Molavi Verdanjani was shot and killed on 14 November 2019 in Istanbul’s Şişli neighborhood. Prior to his death, [he had been involved in] the exposing of the IRGC and the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence [activities] in cyberspace. Two Iranian diplomats were involved in the murder of Molavi Verdanjani, Reuters news agency reported at the time. Molavi Verdanjani was assassinated in Istanbul on 14 November 2019, and Saeed Karimian was assassinated on the evening of 29 April 2017.
It was also reported by the media in recent days that unknown individuals entered Arsalan Rezaei’s house in Turkey, on Thursday 10 December 2020, and stabbed him with a knife. He was hospitalised in a coma and died the following day. The two assailants fled the scene without being identified or arrested. The IRGC’s Telegram channel “@SEPAHCYBERY” published the news and wrote: “A person named Arsalan Rezaei, who was the administrator of several dissident, anti-Islam, and anti-religious sanctities pages on Instagram – such as KhorafatKadeh [House of Superstitions] – was committing the worst audacity against the Prophet and the Ahl-al-Bayt and smeared the religion of Islam and the Islamic Republic of Iran.”
Reuters news agency also reported, on 28 November 2020, about the start of the trial of an Iranian regime diplomat and three others in Antwerp, Belgium, for plotting a bombing at a Mujahideen gathering in France in 2018. The Belgian prosecutor accused Assadollah Asadi, a Vienna-based diplomat, and three others of plotting an attack on a gathering of the Paris-based National Council of Resistance of Iran. Asadi was the third consul at the Iranian embassy in Vienna. French officials said that he was in charge of intelligence [operations] in southern Europe at the behest of the Tehran regime. Asadi had warned Belgian authorities in March to await retaliation by unidentified groups if he were to be found guilty, according to police documents obtained by Reuters. The Danish government also unveiled the arrest of an Iranian regime intelligence agent in May whose objective was to assassinate opponents of the Iranian regime in Denmark. The Danish government prosecuted a 40-year-old Iranian-Norwegian man for assisting Iran’s intelligence service in planning an attack and murder, according to media reports. The local Danish prosecutor, Ms. Liz Lottie, stated that the arrested man was accused of following a man in Ringsted, [a town] 100 km outside of Copenhagen, and filming the man’s wife, all of which were carried out on the orders of the Iranian regime’s intelligence service.
The prosecution and assassination of opponents of the Islamic Republic abroad by the intelligence apparatus of the Islamic Republic is not a new phenomenon. In the past years, the criminal murder of Dr. Qasemlu and his comrades in Vienna while negotiating with the Islamic Republic’s emissaries; the brutal assassination of Mr. Sharafkandi [Qasemlu’s successor] and his comrades at the Mykonos restaurant in Berlin; and numerous other murders ordered by the leaders of the theocratic regime of Iran and executed by security apparatus and its professional assassins all indicate that the criminal regime ruling our homeland, – like other despotic and anti-people regimes in the region, such as the Saudi government in its brutal murder of Jamal Khashoggi in Turkey, or Israel’s racist regime in its state assassinations – not only fails to adhere to any international relations and standards, but is willing to commit any crime to protect its interests.
It is noteworthy that with the escalation of the internal crisis of the Iranian regime, the weakening of the foundations of the ruling dictatorship, and the revelation of the inhumane nature of the regime rulers; the regime’s intelligence apparatus has also intensified its activities to eliminate its opponents, whether at home or abroad.
Sobh-e Sadegh weekly, the press organ of Khamenei’s deputy political representative to the Revolutionary Guards, in its new issue wrote: “The operation to arrest Zam by the IRGC could be considered one of the intelligence masterpieces of the 40-year history of the Islamic Revolution.” The press organisation of the Political Bureau of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), said that the most important reason for the kidnapping and execution of Ruhollah Zam was to prevent spreading news against the regime’s officials and pillars, and to prevent the grounds for protests. In particular, the publication referred to the news that Ruhollah Zam had been publishing on the Telegram channel AamadNews about senior officials of the Islamic Republic, including Ali Khamenei and his office, and wrote that Zam “fabricated and produced shocking rumors against the pillars of the country” without observing “any red lines” and in a short time “was able to become the main platform of the counter-revolutionary media front, and inflicted a lot of damages on the country and the nation.”
The executions of the participants in the November 2019 protests; the execution of Navid Afkari; the execution of Zam; and in recent days the execution of two Baluch prisoners, are among the latest examples [from a long list] of crimes committed by the anti-human regime in our homeland. Condemning this wave of assassinations and executions of dissidents and the expansion of the regime’s intelligence activities abroad, the Tudeh Party of Iran calls on all progressive forces in Iran and [around] the world to make a joint effort to mobilise the world’s public opinion against this new wave of repression and assassination of dissidents. By exposing the regime’s agents and cohorts, the operation of the regime’s security apparatus abroad could be challenged and made fraught/untenable.

From Nameh Mardom, the Central Organ of the Tudeh Party of Iran, No. 1119, 21st December 2020

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