Statement of the Tudeh Party: We stand in solidarity with the people of Cuba and their heroic Communist Party in their just struggle against US threats, provocations and continuing economic sanctions!

The Tudeh Party of Iran resolutely condemns the decision on 11 January 2021 of the outgoing Trump administration that saw the US State Department announce Cuba as being amongst its list of state sponsors of terrorism. This announcement came in the dying days of the disastrous presidency of Donald Trump and just a few days after the attempted anti-democratic coup by fascist sympathisers, white supremacists and anti-communists rallied behind the outgoing president.
With this decision, amongst so many others, it is evident that the defeated 45th President of the US has attempted to ensure that his successor inherits the fallout from a long list of illogical and controversial decisions, as well as the scattered debris that remain of policies enacted before Trump’s time in office, thus presenting immediate complications and obstacles for the Biden administration.
The irony is not lost that the US continues to openly support those countries with a long and proven track record of engaging in state sponsored terrorism, such as Israel and Saudi Arabia in the Middle East; Colombia in the South America region; and many others around the world. The US-backed coups in Iran, Guatemala, Honduras, Brazil, Chile, and Argentina – to name just a few – and their continuing support for a policy of regime change against countries that attempt to implement and uphold independent and peoples-based economic and social systems, are open secrets and clearly in evidence.
Of course, this is not the first time that Cuba, its revolution, and the hope it emblemises for beleaguered peoples the world over, has been treated with contempt by the US. For over six decades now, Cuba, its revolutionary leaders and courageous people have been targeted with violent transgressions, terrorist acts, assassination attempts and an unrelentingly harsh economic sanctions regime. It is no secret that the US has planned and supported invasions, acts of sabotage and the kidnappings of Cuban citizens purely because Cuba has rejected capitalism and follows an independent progressive, popular, and largely successful course towards building a socialist future.
The Tudeh Party of Iran celebrates the achievements of the Cuban Revolution despite the unjust campaign of terror, hostility and intimidation against it, waged by the US and its allies for more than six decades.
Over the past year, the world witnessed how Cuba has been able to protect its citizens against the spread of COVID-19 and avoid the more extreme tolls it has exacted elsewhere while, at the same time, assisting other nations in the fight against the deadly pandemic.
The Tudeh Party of Iran has consistently and strongly condemned the US policy towards Cuba. Cuba is not alone in resisting its slandering by the US. The majority of nations in today’s world have demonstrated that they reject the US threats and pressures against Cuba, its state, and people.
In condemning this last-ditch attempt by the Trump administration to malign and threaten Cuba, the Tudeh Party of Iran expresses its consistent fraternal solidarity with the people of Cuba and the heroic Communist Party of Cuba. We stand with revolutionary Cuba in defending its sovereignty and its forward march on to a socialist future.
Long live international solidarity!
Long live the Cuban Revolution!
Long live the fraternal relations between the Communist Party of Cuba and the Tudeh Party of Iran!

Tudeh Party of Iran
16th January 2021

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