Tudeh Party of Iran: Our country faces a mounting dual threat from the ruling theocracy and imperialist forces…

(Translated Excerpts from the Editorial of Nameh Mardom, issue no. 1177, published Monday 13 March 2023)

Numerous signs in recent years show that Iran is in a deep crisis and facing very serious problems, with no hope of resolving them for the benefit of the people under the current circumstances.  This situation underlines that the unchecked continuation of the destructive neoliberal economic plans, rampant inflation, crashing of the national currency, and the increasing socio-economic crises compounded by the widespread destruction of the environment have pushed our country into a stage where its security, and people’s livelihoods and welfare, cannot be assured under the despotic rule of the theocratic regime.

The domestic and foreign policies of the ruling dictatorship have placed Iran in an increasingly grave situation.  These destructive policies, which have brought the country to the precipice of catastrophe, will not stop for as long as the rule of the theocratic dictatorship continues.  Moreover, we see all kinds of external interferences in Iran, especially the imposition of financial-banking and trade sanctions imposed by the US Department of Treasury, which have had a devastating impact on people’s lives.

It is important to note that with the recent spread of the popular struggle against the reactionary misogynistic laws of the Islamist regime under the slogan of “Woman, Life, Freedom” amongst large swathes of Iranian society, the people’s demands for freedom, address of their material needs, and trade union rights are clearly beginning to merge.

With each passing day, these ongoing multifaceted and unresolvable crises along with threats, both internal and external, are pushing Iran’s overall situation into a dangerous phase.  This critical and highly perilous situation could lead the country into a destructive military confrontation at the hands of warmongers, whether within the regime and/or imperialist circles.

Considering the primary roles of the theocratic regime and malign external interference in bringing about th current dangerous situation, our Party points to the following fundamental realities:

  • The regime (and at its head the ‘Supreme Leader’), its various powerful factions, and the IRGC are all directly responsible for the current state of the country.  Irrespective of who is the president or the speaker of the parliament, or which faction forms the government, none of the necessary and effective steps will be taken to safeguard the interests of the majority of the people, i.e. the working people and poor.  The contrary need to safeguard and build upon the interests of parasitic capitalists, upon which the political system relies, will not allow for any fundamental and popular changes to be implemented within the unjust political economy of Iran as it currently stands.
  • The US financial-banking and trade sanctions have had an immensely destructive effect on the country’s economy, putting additional pressure on the already arduous and difficult lives of the people.  The devastating effect of US-led imperialist policies is exacerbated as an outcome of three decades of unrestrained neoliberal policies implemented by Iran’s ruling regime which has weakened the national economy, rendering it acutely vulnerable from within and enabling the US to hold it hostage.
  • The reckless ‘adventurousness’ of the Islamic Republic’s foreign policy, based on a nuclear programme that is contrary to national interests, along with the interventionist extraterritorial activities of the IRGC, has been an abject failure leading only to the unnecessary increase of regional tensions.
  • In the absence of a national progressive political alternative to the theocratic dictatorship, the existing political situation and the present multifaceted socio-economic crises will continue unabated.  Without organised popular political pressure, this reactionary and authoritarian regime simply cannot be forced into retreat.

There now exists an objective basis and a valuable opportunity upon which to mobilise the country’s political and social forces – based on the demands of the majority of people for freedom and a livelihood – in order to fight, push back, and finally bring an end to the despotic rule of the ‘Supreme Leader’.  Therefore, the united action of political forces and the struggle for transition from the ruling Islamist dictatorship cannot and must not be limited to a vision of “republicanism” ambiguous, vague, and lacking in its definition.  Neglecting other important aspects of the struggle against the dictatorship – such as the need to confront the interventionist policies of the imperialist and reactionary countries in the region – will ultimately lead to an ineffective expending of time and resources as well as weak actions within our country.

Excluding the economic and class interests of the working people from the anti-dictatorship struggle of the left forces and ignoring the relationship between the ruling political system and the functioning of its deeply unjust political economy, leads only to a pre-disposal towards and a unilateral collaboration with the right-wing opposition forces.

The Tudeh Party of Iran believes that the way out of our country’s current crisis is to remove the ruling theocratic dictatorship and lay down the groundwork for fundamental democratic changes at national level.

Considering the terrible experiences of countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan and the present dangerous world situation caused by the warmongering and militaristic policies of the US [and NATO alliance], along with the ‘adventurous’ policies of the Islamic Republic regime, makes the defence of peace an imperative.  Without peace, none of the necessary fundamental changes in Iran can be implemented.  Thus, our Party has always supported policies aimed at de-escalation of tensions in the Middle East while guaranteeing the sovereignty of nations.

Iran once again stands poised at a critical juncture.  The progressive and patriotic forces, especially the left and socialist forces, can and should play a prominent and central role in guiding the future developments of the country at this critical moment.


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