Statement of the Tudeh Party of Iran: We are seriously concerned about the provocative attempts by the criminal Israeli government to widen the war in Gaza. This could seriously endanger the world peace!

The Tudeh Party of Iran condemns the continuation of the crimes of the racist Israeli government in Gaza, its encroachment on Syrian territory and attack on the Iranian consulate!

The criminal policies of the racist Israeli regime have so far resulted in the killing of more than 33,000 Palestinians, the majority of whom were women, children and other civilians, UN employees and humanitarian workers. They have created terrible conditions of hunger and famine, destroying most of the medical and food distribution services for the people of Gaza and continue to create a new catastrophe on a daily basis. The anti-human criminal actions of this racist regime are now facing the anger and disgust of people the world over. The actions of the criminal state of Israel have such dimensions of violence and oppression that even its imperialist partners are finding it difficult to defend its policies.

In recent days, the attack by the Israeli Air Force on Syrian territory and the deliberate bombing of the Consular Affairs Building of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the country’s capital on Monday 2 April 2024, killing a number of diplomatic staff and also members of the IRGC’s Quds Unit, has once again placed the region in a state of renewed tension and at risk of catastrophic escalation of military conflict. This calculated move by the ruling far-right government of Israel was designed and implemented in order to provoke and directly involve the Islamic Republic of Iran in military conflict, together with its proxy forces in Lebanon and Iraq.

The bankrupt and criminal government of Netanyahu and his allies is aware of the consequences of this criminal action. It was trying to use this attack to provoke the Islamic Republic regime to enter the conflict in Gaza, expanding the scope of the conflicts in the region to prepare the ground for the inevitable entry of the US and its European allies to back Israel in the Middle East and prepare for the widening of the war. The policy of appeasement of the state of Israel by US and UK imperialism and the EU in recent months has prepared the context for, and practically assisted in creating the emerging catastrophe that the world has witnessed in our region.

The UN Security Council, in response to a complaint of the Islamic Republic and a proposal from the delegation of the Russian Federation, which is a permanent member of this important international body, quickly convened a meeting on Tuesday 2 April 2024. Iran’s deputy ambassador to the UN, Zahra Ershadi, urged the Security Council to condemn the attack on Iran’s diplomatic facilities in Damascus. The spokesperson of the UN has stated that “Antonio Guterres”, the UN Secretary General, condemned the attack in Damascus and “has called on all parties involved to exercise maximum restraint and avoid escalation of tensions”.

The campaign of genocide launched in recent months by the Israeli government against the Palestinian people in Gaza and other peoples of the region with the complicity of the American and British governments has seriously threatened not only peace in the Middle East, but also the peace in the whole world.

Netanyahu’s government, by openly opposing UN resolutions, humiliating the International Court of Justice, and condemning the Secretary General of the United Nations, is now on top of the list of the world’s rogue regimes and sees itself as exempt from any accountability to international laws and institutions, with the direct backing of US imperialism. Bombing entire residential areas, hospitals, and medical centres has made nearly two million Palestinian citizens homeless, destroyed roads and urban facilities, and prevented the war-torn Palestinian people from accessing food and medicine. Famine and widespread deadly diseases are now threatening the lives of the remaining people in Gaza. This is, in fact, exactly the catastrophe for which the genocidal Israeli regime has been aiming. However, with the killing of more than 200 UN employees responsible for delivering vital aid to Palestinian citizens and the murder of hundreds of journalists, the people of the world now witness and clearly understand the reactionary nature of the apartheid policies of the extreme right-wing government of Netanyahu, which have been used against the Palestinian people and those who defend the conventions adopted by international institutions.

In line with the policy of preventing any fair and peaceful solution to the Middle East problem and the right to self-determination for the Palestinian people, the Israeli regime is trying to expand the geographical scope of its costly and criminal conflict of the past six months. Even the diplomatic solutions of the United States and European countries, as the main supporters and allies of Israel’s criminal policies, have failed one after the other due to the Netanyahu government’s insistence on continuing its warmongering stance, with blatant disregard for international laws.

The Tudeh Party of Iran condemns the attack on the Iranian consulate building in Damascus and once again warns against the ramping up of tensions and the risk of escalation of military conflict, in particular, by dragging the Islamic Republic into direct confrontation in the region. The attempts by Israel and the bodies that promote war and bloodshed in the Middle East to provoke Iran and drag it, together with its proxies, into a military conflict through taking retaliatory action, will be catastrophic for the region and the people of its countries, and must be rigorously countered. The apartheid and criminal government of Israel and its imperialist companions and collaborators want to continue to expand the war in line with their policy of imposing their unchallenged hegemony in the Middle East. Their conspiracies must be vigilantly monitored, exposed, and frustrated.

The Tudeh Party of Iran

3 April 2024

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