The statement of the Tudeh Party of Iran: Stop the oppressive and criminal apparatus of the Islamic regime in Iran by widening national and international protests!

Dear Fellow Compatriots,

In recent weeks, the criminal judiciary apparatus of the Supreme Religious Leader’s regime [Theocratic Regime] has once again targeted the lives of the youth and militants campaigning for freedom in our homeland. According to published reports, Mohammad Ghobadloo, 23 years old, a young man who was arrested during the protests of the “Women, Life, Freedom” movement, and Farhad Salimi, a Sunni Kurdish cleric and a prisoner of conscience who had been imprisoned for 14 years on charges of “waging war against the regime”, were executed by hanging on Tuesday, 23 January, without informing their families.

Also, in recent days, reports indicate that the families of four Kurdish political prisoners sentenced to death, namely Pejman Fatehi, Mohsen Mazloum, Mohammad Faramarzi, and Vafa Azarbar, were summoned to Evin prison to meet their children. The families of these four Kurdish political prisoners have expressed concern that such a meeting may be the last for them. A group of political prisoners in Ghezel Hessar prison in Karaj, have issued a statement expressing their concern about the “unexpected presence” of some judicial officials in this prison on Monday. They warned against the recurrence of another human tragedy in this prison and demanded “the cessation of repression and execution apparatus and prevention of the violation of the right to life of these loved ones and other death row prisoners”.

The Statement of the Ghezel Hessar prisoners also reads: “We used to read and listen to the song ‘It rained blood on Fridays’ only! Yet, since the 1980s, this land and its people have been bleeding every day. Every dawn and every call to morning prayer has been stained with blood and we, who are in the centre of this nationwide massacre in Ghezel Hessar prison, start every Tuesday and Wednesday morning with the execution of our cellmates and comrades. We constantly hear the heart-wrenching news of the final visit given to one of our comrades or cellmates, followed by the sound of an ambulance, in the morning, carrying the innocent and lifeless body of our loved ones to their families”.

This new and repeated wave of crimes has faced widespread protests by the people and the progressive and freedom-loving forces of the country. On Tuesday 23rd of January, Narges Mohammadi announced in a statement that “The women political prisoners in Evin prison will go on hunger strike on Thursday 25th of January to protest against the recent executions and “for an end to executions”. The same sources reported that following the announcement by the 61 striking prisoners in Evin’s women prison, “Zineb Jalalian” from Yazd prison, “Tomaj Salehi” from Evin prison, a number of former political prisoners, several families of the prisoners and many protesting citizens, announced that they would join the hunger strike.

The Tudeh Party of Iran, along with all the national and freedom-loving forces of the country, while expressing solidarity with the bereaved families of the victims, strongly condemns the continuation of the crimes of the Islamic regime. By widening the extent of national and international protests, efforts should be made to stop the oppressive and criminal apparatus of the Supreme Leader’s regime.

The Tudeh Party of Iran

28 January 2024


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