The Tudeh Party of Iran once again warns of the serious and immediate danger of the spread of military conflicts in the region!

On Thursday 11 January, the US and Britain launched air and missile attacks against the Houthi forces in Yemen. According to the headquarters of US Central Command, “CENTCOM”, more than 30 targets, including “command and control facilities, ammunition depots, launch systems, production facilities and air defence radar systems” of the Houthis were attacked in different regions of Yemen.

Following these attacks and Joe Biden’s threats regarding the continuation of military attacks against the Houthi forces in Yemen, on Saturday 13 January, the US once again targeted the positions of the Houthis in Yemen with Tomahawk missiles. A number of American lawmakers condemned the action of the Biden administration without the “green light” of Congress. British Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak said: “Limited, necessary and proportionate actions have been taken in self-defence alongside the US”. He went on to say that the Netherlands, Canada, and Bahrain have also declared their support for these attacks without directly participating in the operations to degrade the military capabilities of the Houthis and protect global shipping. According to published reports, the governments of Australia, Denmark, Germany, New Zealand, and South Korea also supported these operations by issuing statements. In recent weeks, the US and British governments have accused the Houthis of conducting a proxy war for Iran. Tens of thousands of peace-loving forces came to the streets in a number of European countries, including Britain, as well as the US, Yemen, South Africa and other countries, in protest against these warmongering policies.

In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, British Defence Secretary, Grant Shapps warned that the world’s patience with Tehran is “running out”. Anthony Blinken, the US Secretary of State, left for Israel last week on a trip to the region which also included meetings with the leaders of the Arab countries in the Persian Gulf, including Saudi Arabia, [UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, the Palestinian Authority] and Egypt. Political commentators in the region have assessed the prime purpose of Blinken’s trip to be formulating new US strategy in the region in order to confront Iran and provide more support for the inhumane and criminal policies of the Israeli government after Israel’s military operations in the Gaza Strip are scaled back. It should be remembered that in recent days, at the initiative of the South African government, the Israeli government has been summoned to the International Court of Justice in The Hague to respond to charges of genocide and crimes against humanity. The goal of the South African government is the immediate suspension of Israeli military operations in the Gaza Strip.

The expansion of the dangerous and interventionist policies of US imperialism and its allies in the region following the Israeli government’s criminal operations in the Gaza Strip, along with unwarranted support from the US, British and EU governments for these operations, which have resulted in the killing of more than 23,000 Palestinians, including more than 8,000 children so far [with thousands more missing presumed dead under the rubble] and the growing danger of the escalation of these operations and their spread to Iran, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and the Persian Gulf, have led to increasing international concern. While criticising these policies, the Russian government called for an urgent meeting of the UN Security Council. The representative of the Russian government in the Security Council described the attack on Yemen as “another military aggression by the West in the Middle East” and stated: “The actions of the US coalition violate the UN Charter”. The spokesperson for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs also expressed concern about the escalation of tension in the Red Sea, stating that China urges the relevant parties to maintain calm and exercise restraint to prevent the spread of conflicts.

The air and missile attacks by US imperialism and its allies on Yemen, a country that has been embroiled in a destructive civil war and inhumane attacks by Saudi Arabia and its allies in recent years with the support of the US and British governments, during which tens of thousands of civilians, including children, have been killed, have once again exposed the region to a new round of the dangerous and hegemonic policies of global imperialism.

The Tudeh Party of Iran condemns the continuation and expansion of the interventionist and warmongering policies of the imperialist countries and their reactionary allies in the Middle East.

The Tudeh Party of Iran, once again, warns against rising tensions and the risk of spreading military conflicts in the region. Dragging Iran, Lebanon, Syria, and Yemen into a military conflict will be a great catastrophe for the region and the people of those countries, which should be strictly avoided. The racist and criminal government of Israel and its imperialist allies and collaborators seek to continue and expand the war in the region in line with the policy of imposing their total unwarranted hegemony in the Middle East. These conspiracies must be confronted with eternal vigilance!

The Tudeh Party of Iran

13 January 2024


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