Tudeh Party of Iran: Forward to a joint struggle against all reactionary religious forces and warmongering imperialism!

(Translated Excerpts from the Editorial of Nameh Mardom, issue no. 1194, published Monday 6 November 2023)

Over the past four weeks, the extensive bombardment of the Gaza Strip and the immense war crimes committed by Israel there, along with the unfolding humanitarian catastrophe, have been the main developments in and focus of the world news and media.  Meanwhile, inside Iran, shielded from the view of the world’s media, the economic situation for the majority of the country’s population, principally the working class and other toiling classes, continues to sharply deteriorate – with no prospects for an improvement in conditions in favour of the livelihoods and lives of the country’s long-suffering working people.

The Tudeh Party of Iran has consistently emphasised that despite the factional differences within the regime pertaining to certain interests among the diverse spectrum of fundamentalists [principalists] and various reformist groups and tendencies; the theocratic regime as a whole, with the backing of the “supreme leader”, ultimately formulates its major economic plans and policies in order to serve the interests of large financial-commercial capital..  This of course runs contrary to the core interests and legitimate demands of the country’s workers.  This non-productive and highly corrupt sector of capital, by relying on its connections with the power hierarchy and oppressive regime apparatus, exerts a decisive influence on the direction of the government’s main [economic] policies.

The dictatorial regime as a whole remains in perpetual fear of the emergence of mass protests and especially concerted trade union action.  However, it is incapable and unwilling to address the chronic [multifaceted] economic and social crisis that plagues Iran, as the macroeconomic interests of the upper layers of the country’s bourgeoisie take precedence when determining governmental policies.

The theocratic dictatorship […] has recently resorted to another method of diverting public attention, so as to manage the aforementioned internal crisis, by involving Iran in an external crisis.  In recent weeks, the inhumane and warmongering policies of the Netanyahu regime, along with its genocidal actions in Gaza and the West Bank, have provided a convenient escape route of sorts for the theocratic dictatorship to avoid dealing with the mounting domestic social issues [and resultant growing unrest].

Currently in the region, in the absence of a widespread and effective movement comprised of progressive and nationalist forces, peace advocates, and defenders of workers’ rights, not only is there no prospect for stopping the massacres we are witnessing and for immediately reducing the current tensions, but the evidence instead suggests an increasing trend towards more extensive military confrontations and aggression.  Today, Western Asia is experiencing a polarisation and power division between states as well as diverse and mainly religious reactionary forces.  This, coupled with the imperialist interventions, poses a very worrying situation for the region as well as a decidedly negative impact on future developments there.  Our country, Iran, is also at the heart of this precarious situation.  Khamenei’s crocodile tears for the Palestinian people along with the foolish threats posed by the theocratic regime and its regional proxies are extremely dangerous and are most certainly against Iran’s national interests.

There is undoubtedly a need to stand up for the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people and uphold humanitarian values through the mobilising of forces regionally and globally to fight against Israel’s apartheid policies, its war crimes, and their full support by imperialism.  However, in this struggle, the Islamic Republic regime in Iran is both woefully unqualified and entirely unreliable.  This is manifest in the divisive policies pursued by the Islamic Republic concerning in relation to the peace process and the Palestinian struggle for independence and statehood, particularly in its belligerent stance against the Palestinian Authority.  The righteous goals of the progressive Palestinian forces hold no value to this regime as it fundamentally opposes them.

The issue of the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people in their struggle against the apartheid regime and its backers, including to establish an independent [and fully sovereign] state, is cynically considered by the theocratic regime in Iran as a means to advance its wider [regional] plan for the “export of the Islamic Revolution”.  Thus, in the current circumstances, the theocratic dictatorship calculatedly and opportunistically exploits the Israeli war and atrocities in Gaza solely for its own interests and continuation of its rule.  Another crucial point is that Israel has consistently sought, through various means, to escalate regional tensions towards the bringing about of a direct military confrontation between the United States and Iran’s despotic regime.

It is a heartening and optimistic sign that the Iranian left and progressive parties, organisations, and activists, by taking principled and humanitarian positions, have risen to the defence of the Palestinian people and their rights.  They have consciously separated themselves from the warmongers, Islamists, and perpetrators of apartheid, condemning the military violence, massacres of civilians, and racist policies of the right-wing government in Israel – and while condemning the seemingly unequivocal support from the United States, Britain, and the European Union (who falsely claim to be the upholders of democracy and human rights) for war crimes being perpetrated in Gaza and the West Bank, they have consistently called for a ceasefire and rightly warned of the very real danger of escalating the flames of war to Iran.

The next effective step for the Iranian left and progressive forces can and should involve collaboration and a united action to combat tyranny, establishing a foundation to defend peace in Iran, and to shore up links with other progressive forces in the region.  The Tudeh Party of Iran has also dedicated all its resources to contribute towards this goal and will continue to do so.

We can and should fight against the dual menace and threats posed by religious reactionary forces and imperialism by combining the struggle for the demands of the working people with the struggle against warmongering and in defence of peace and freedom – as well as to offer, and strive to achieve, a progressive alternative for the people of Iran and the countries in the region.

Together, towards the formation of a united anti-dictatorship front, for freedom, peace, independence, social justice, and the establishment of a national and democratic republic!


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